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"Real style is never right or wrong. 

It's a matter of being yourself on purpose." G. Bruce Boyer


About Me


My Experience

I was the 14 year old girl at the slumber party fixing everyone's hair and make up, and putting outfits together. My official career began at the hair salon with hair design, color, and make up application. Years of training with San Francisco Bay Area's top image professionals fine tuned my eye and skill set to give me a unique head to toe approach with clients. 


My Approach

Everyone has what I call a "Style Personality." It's not only a blend of who you are from the inside out and where you want to go but also, importantly, about your physical characteristics, personal coloring, and the types of style items you are attracted to. All these elements make the totality of your unique Style Personality. 

A new hair cut and color can change your appearance instantly and offer a more vibrant, youthful appearance. 

A shop-your-closet appointment can show you new outfits you never knew you had. 

A personal shopping appointment will save you time, money and frustration.


An up-to-date color analysis will knock your socks off with exciting new color choices.

A makeup update will have you glowing and take ten years off your appearance. 

What do you want to have, be or do? 

I'm Colleen Abrie, Head to Toe Stylist and I will help you get there.


Why Me?

I want you to have fun getting dressed. 

I want you to have really great hair. 

I want you to have a make up style that is easy for you and makes you look vibrant. 

I want you to feel like a million bucks. 

I want people who see you wondering- Has she lost weight? She looks ten years younger.

 I wish I had her hair. 

Did she get a new lover? 

What's her secret?!!! 

Head to Toe Stylist, Colleen Abrie, Personal Style Consultant

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